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WNGM June 2000

Click on the photos for larger copies. The larger photos are usually 50-70kb in size.

The blue NGG 16 Garratt running round a wood train at Glenbranter Station.

The railway's biggest import - an SAR class 91. To use this locomotive the track under many of the bridges had to be lowered, and some rock cuttings widened. It has been worth it, however, as in winter this locomotive can keep the trains running to schedule in the thick snow.
In the foreground to the right of the picture you can see the rear tank of an NGG 11, stored outside the Forestry Commission shed by the preservationists.

This was a test of Ian's digital camera to see if it could take "realistic" shots. I particularly wanted to produce the feeling that one was looking up at the locomotive, rather than down on it. I think I have succeeded!
A close-up of the photograph above.
This picture shows the oil train, headed by the red Garratt approaching Glenbranter. Here the train will be split, part of it continuing towards Dunoon while the rest proceeds up the forestry branch. The railway transports nearly all the supplies needed by the Forestry Commission, which has kept the traffic down on the roads.
One photo that I recently obtained took a bit of effort to work out what it was of. My research has led me to the conclusion that this vertical boilered locomotive was used in the early 20th century around Glenbranter, particularly in the planting of Glenbranter Forest. No known traces of this locomotive now survive.
A view looking towards Arrochar and Tarbet, showing the Forestry Commission's locomotive shed, with their Bagley-Drurey diesel inside.
In case you thought the layout had grown, here is the original picture! The Queen's not the only one to digitally enhance photos ...



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