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The Garratt Collection

This page is dedicated to model garratts, in particular Ian Turner's garratts. Ian has built his garratts from the Backwoods NGG16 kit, adding extra detail and correcting the errors present in the kit.

For more details of the kit, please contact Backwoods Miniatures. Please mention this site when contacting them.

Unless otherwise stated, the garratts are all to 4mm/ft on 9mm gauge track. To see bigger pictures, please click on the images.


This is a picture of Ian's original scratchbuilt garratt, now refurbished and running on two Backwoods chassis. It is seen here on my layout at the last WNGM meeting.


Ted Polet built Craigcorrie and Dunalistair Railway NO8 'Gaidheal' in 1976, using two Minitrix 0-6-0 chassis. Parts of a ship's engine were used for the boiler and the ballast weights in the tanks. Several rebuilds have resulted in the present model which incorporates lights and a smoke unit.


This garratt is built by Stephen Colclough and is made out of two Jouef Decauville chassis and a body, with scratchbuilt tanks.

Ian scratchbuilt this garratt in 12mm/ft to run Graham Lindley's "Hythe" layout. The drawings were found in an old Romney Hythe and Dymnchurch Railway magazine - yes it really does have a prototype! It is built almost entirely of plasticard and runs on two Fleishmann chassis.
This garratt was seen by Ian Turner at the valkenburg Show. The model is by Jan Mourik and is to H0e scale.
Stepen Colclough's latest garratt - looks good, now you just need to get the layout finished!


The following photos are of Ian's garratts, and were taken on his layout "Roestok".


NGG16 NO31 in the headshunt at Roestok.


A view inside the cab of NGG16 NO32. Ian has built a correct cab interior to replace the "generic" one supplied in the kit.


NGG16 NO31 coaling up at Roestok


Another view of NGG16 NO32 coaling up.


A view of NGG16 NO16 and NG15 NO21 in the MPD at Roestok.


Ng15 NO21 hauls a passenger train into Roestok station while NGG 16 NO32 waits in the loop.


Another view of the trains above, this time taken from behind the goods yard.


 NGG16 NOs32 and 16 on shed at Roestok

For details and photos of full-size garratts, visit Gavin Hamilton's site.



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