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I started building this site shortly after I got on the internet, in order to learn how to build a web site. Since then it has been redesigned twice, and more information added to it. Unfortunately I've been so busy developing other sites (both commercially and for my own pleasure) that less has been done to this site than should have been.

My interest in railway modelling began almost as soon as I was born, as Dad tried to get me interested in the hobby. Although the interest has waxed and waned since then, I've never lost it.

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TrainNet web gem award This site is a proud winner of the TrainNet webgem award. The sites submitted for this award are vetted by a team of railway enthusiasts, not just for the content but also for the presentation. That is why we are so proud to show the award.



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This site was originally built by hand, using Editpad for the coding, and the graphics were done using Serif DrawPlus 4 (which I don't recommend!). I now use Dreamweaver MX and Fireworks MX to design and maintain the site, with PHPEdit for any PHP programming.

The postcard script (which used to be available on this site) was my open source script sendcard, and the subscribe me script from Elite's CGI scripts. The message board is by Phorum and is hosted by Narrow Gauge Heaven.

The site is hosted by Fluid Hosting who I have always found to be extremely reliable and I highly recommend.




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