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Rolling Stock

Most of the locomotives used on the layout are built by Ian Turner, but I do have a few of my own, which are shown on this page. More details of Ian's stock will follow.

Glenbranter Stock

Narrow Gauge Scotrail Diesel Here is a picture of Miles Bevan's Scotrail diesel. A repainted Lilliput diesel, it is extremely powerful and can outpull most other locos used on the layout. There is also a rake of BR livereried carriages which go with it.

A plan of my new carriages

This is the plan for my carriages. I am currently building some of these carriages out of plasticard, and am hoping to get them cast in resin so that I don't have to scratchbuild too many of them.

A model of one of the British-built diesels for the South Argyll Railway. Under BR it became politically incorrect to buy foreign diesels, and so these were constructed for the line by English Electric. These diesels have proved to be not as reliable as the Austrian ones.

Over christmas I ripped the cab off this diesel and replaced it, so the loco looks much better. Will post a new photo soon.

Backwoods Bagnall 0-4-0

One of the original locomotives bought for the forestry branch is still in existence, and is shown here. This Bagnall proved to be substantially underpowered for the job, and was replaced very quickly by a larger locomotive.

Other stock.


This locomotive is built from a Backwoods kit for the Pentwan Railway locomotive 'Canopus'. It is seen here in the showcase at Narrow Gauge South in 1998 where it won an award. It has never been used on Glenbranter because I botched the quartering job and melted the plastic wheel centres.


The Graveyard.

'Caernarfon Castle' was the victim of a friend and model shop owner afflicted with dropsey (Thanks Dave!). Dave dropped it only 20cm, but that was too much for the styrene and it broke. I had just finished it and haven't had the heart to try building another one. Anyhow, there is now a kit available from Worsley Works.
To see pictures of the real locomotive, click here.




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