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These pictures chart the course of construction of the layout. Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures during construction, and so in most of the photos the scenery as already started developing. Sorry about the quality, but the lighting was very poor.

Here is a photo of the layout back in February 1999 when it was set up in my bedroom Notice the mess, which I find necessary to produce good models, and the number of bottles lined up underneath!
Another photo of he layout from about the same time, this shows the right hand end board. Notice thelint stuck down in the open area. I gave up on it very quickly and went back to using ground foam.

The only photo of my layout

This photo shows the same board as the photo above as it was at the June 1999 009 meeting. The scenery was still not quite complete, and the layout still lacked trees! The locomotive is Ian Turner's South African Railways class 91, and it is undergoing clearance trials through the rock faces.

This is a picture of Miles Bevan's Scotrail train on the layout at the 009 Society members' day in August 1999. More trees and a bit more grass, but not much else has changed!

NGG 16 NO 31 storming out of Glenbranter station bound for Arrochar and Tabet. This was taken in August as well.

NGG16's No 31 and 32 in Glenbranter station. The wagon between them is a South African Railways water wagon. Another August photo!

For your information, I have reproduced the track plan on this page as well.




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